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Created and run by software engineers.

Slashkernel is a unique international technological group based in Brussels, Belgium. We have gathered 60 eclectic people of 15 different nationalities, including numerous PhDs, a variety of complementary expertise fields, a marketing and commercial gospel as well as a caring HR and support team.

We are irreverent, unconventional, not corporate…  We wear sneakers. We like food, drinks, everything that make us laugh and anything that thrills. We love LIFE!…What else… Yes… Chocolate… Very important good chocolate. Sounds Familiar? Join us!

What we do

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We dare to do what others won’t dare to think. If anyone can do better, we must do better. In software engineering, people matter more than ever before. In software development, there is no such thing as an absolute truth one can apply blindly. Intelligence develops in small teams of technical experts who develop highly specialized products.


We love code. More to the point, we love to code. It’s the most exciting, intellectually rewarding thing we have done in our life. Code ends up being executed by a real computer. It’s not a piece of documentation. It is written, created and maintained by human beings. It justifies the quest of all the soft values around readability and manageability.


If you feel the sting of joy when things fall in place, when the code expresses the expected behavior in the most beautiful and most compelling way, you are one of us. And we celebrate it. We spontaneously aggregate for after works.  We love life. Our values are honesty and solidarity: we do not compete, we enjoy being together and winning together.