Created and run by software engineers.

Slashkernel is a unique international technology group based in Brussels, Belgium.

We are a team of highly trained experts from diverse backgrounds including 15 different nationalities, numerous PhDs, experienced professionals in a variety of complementary fields, a talented marketing and commercial team, as well as a devoted and caring HR and support team.

We are eccentric and unconventional; the antithesis of all things uptight and corporate.  We wear sneakers, we like food, drink, and anything that makes us laugh. We love life and chocolate – because what is life without good chocolate?

Sound like your cup of cocoa?

Join us!


We dare to do what others in the industry wouldn’t even dare to think. We challenge conventions and push the limits of what is possible. In software engineering, the people behind the magic are more important than ever and in our experience, technology best advances in small teams of dedicated experts who develop highly specialized solutions.


We love code. Or more specifically, we love to code. For us at slash kernel, it’s the most exciting, intellectually rewarding we can imagine. The code we write ends up being executed by a real computer. It is conceived, written, and maintained by real human beings. It’s a living, breathing example of human ingenuity.


If you feel a rush of joy and sheer pleasure when things fall into place; when the code demonstrates the expected behavior in the most beautiful and most compelling way, you are one of us. This is what we celebrate when we spontaneously gather after work for drinks. We love life. We value honesty and solidarity. We do not compete against one another, we enjoy working and winning TOGETHER.