SlashKernel’s 1st Annual Kids @ Work Day!

Last week we celebrated our 1st annual Kids @ Work Day, with games, activities, pizza, music, and, of course, authentic Belgian Waffles!

The day started at 9:30, with some delicious pastries, followed by a tour of the office. The kids were able to see where and how their parents work as well as meet SlashKernel’s many talented and charismatic colleagues.

At 10 o’clock, the kids started some exciting activities where they were able to learn some of the basics of programming, play fun games, and spend time with mom or dad at work.

At 12, lunch arrived— two enormous towers of pizza! Of course, we made short work of these, and were back at it by 1 for the next half of the day’s activities.

In the second half of the day, the kids learned a little bit about SlashKernel’s different companies, with very interesting presentations by Manu from ERTMS, Markus from Raincode, and Max from Odase.

At 3, the waffle truck arrived, and everyone came out into the courtyard to talk, listen to music, and eat awesome Belgian Waffles by Kloech Food Truck !

Everything was wrapped up by, 16:30, ending another successful Kids @ Work Day!  A big, heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the time to get involved, and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you again next year!